MS Bike to the Bay is Just 65 Days Away!

It’s hard to believe that our 5th ride as a team for MS Bike to the Bay is just around the corner! We had an absolute blast last year, while raising over $41,000 for a great cause.  The minimum pledge to ride was increased from $250 to $300 for the Bike Ride’s 30th anniversary, and it seems like it’s discouraged a good many of MS supporters.

We usually ask that riders be registered with half their pledge raised by July 15th to qualify for a HAC Pack Jersey, but we are extending the deadline to July 28, 2013! To help with fundraising ideas, the MS Society released this 7 day plan as a suggestion:

How to exceed the Bike to the Bay pledge minimum in one week:

Does it seem like a daunting task to raise $300.00 in just a few months? Do you have a hard time recruiting new teammates because people seem intimidated by the pledge minimum?

Follow these simple steps to see how easy it is to raise above & beyond the Bike to the
Bay pledge minimum in JUST ONE WEEK. Don’t sweat the fundraising, save it for the ride!

Day One
Sponsor yourself: $25.00

Day Two
Ask your immediate relatives including your spouse, parents, and children for their support in your endeavor: $50.00

Day Three
Have your five closest friends sponsor you for $10.00 each: $50.00

Day Four
Ask for donations from your coworkers & boss, consider having a dress down day or putting a change jar in your office: $20-50.00

Day Five
Tell members of your church, temple or civic organization about BTTB & ask for contributions to meet your pledge goal: $20-50.00

Day Six
Ask ten neighbors to sponsor you for $5.00 each: $50.00

Day Seven
Ask five local merchants that you frequent for $20.00 each or apply for matching gifts from your company: $100.00




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