Do you have that competitive spirit?


Do you try to lift heavier or run faster than the person to next to you? If the answer is yes, no worries, a lot of us feel the same way. While flipping through Men’s Health, we came across an interesting article about the competitive spirit most of us feel. (Article: The article uses the term “gamify,” this means to challenge yourself through making the situation a game. If you were to gamify your work out, you would try to best the person next to you.

HAC has just the thing, have you heard about our MYZONE system? MYZONE monitors your heart rate, measures calories &effort, provides a social aspect and creates challenges with you and your friends.  It measures the ‘effort’ of your workout and records it to show how successfully you completed the exercise. How does this different between any other heart monitor and calories counting system? Well, it measures how hard you’re working out. To get the most out of a workout, your heart rate should fall into a targeted range between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. There are a few ways to measure targeted heart rate, but the easiest is to subtract your age from 220. While this is not 100% accurate, this can give you an idea of what your max heart rate is. Your targeted workout range should be between 80-90% of that number. Studies show that the longer you work in that heart rate zone, the effective your workout is. MYZONE doesn’t subtract your age by 220; it actually calculates your actual max heart rate by taking your heart rate during your exercise. It is more personalized. The more you use MYZONE the more accurately it will place you in your own personal heart rate zones. In addition, it also measures how many calories you have personally burned during your workout.

How does MYZONE help you gameify your workout? Easy, MYZONE provides you with your ‘effort points, aka MEPS.’ In order to earn a MEP, MYZONE takes how long you spend in each of the five heart rate zones and converts it into points. This evens out the playing field for people competing against each other. When comparing one workout to another, it is usually compared in the amount of calories burned during a workout. But what about the people who are working out as hard as they can but not burning as many calories as someone who isn’t working out as hard but burning twice as more as them? MEPs help by comparing your workout in each heart rate zone and measure how effective you have been exercising.

Within the MYZONE account you receive with your purchase of the equipment, you can set up personal challenges or compete in club wide challenges going on within the club. HAC just finished its fall back to fitness challenge but is starting our HUFF and PUFF challenge. The challenge is to earn 2000 MEPs and as a reward, HAC will give you $20 in club bucks! For each 500 addition MEPs added during this challenge you will earn 1 raffle ticket into a special drawing at the end of the challenge. You can earn as many of 5 entries for this drawing.

If you already have your MYZONE equipment, we can’t wait to see your MEPs increase! If you do not, don’t fret; contact Maria Argiroudis at or Trish a for prices and to sign up so you can begin earning your MEPs! Image


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