Tech Check – Battle of the Apps

Meal Snap vs MyFitnessPal

Meal Snap

Meal Snap is a truly novel idea – take a picture of your food, and your app tells you what it is and how many calories are in it! It also includes a calorie tracking system, which is just a bonus in comparison to the undermining of our mothers teaching us not to play with our food.

So – we know what you’re thinking. It sounds too good be true. It’s not! However, as with anything there are some downsides to the app.


  • Great conversation starter
  • Easy to use
  • Quicker than a paper meal journal


  • Gives a range of calories rather than a definite number
  • You have to give a description to increase accuracy
  • You really aren’t sure just how great the information is that’s being returned. A burger from McDonald’s is going to be a lot different in nutrition information than a homemade one.
  • Only available for the iPhone
  • Costs $3.00




MyFitnessPal helps to take a lot of the guesswork out of your meal tracking. In fact, they make it so easy, that tracking becomes addictive! With a wide userbase inputting labels, recipes, and more, what your eating is already in there 9 times out of 10.

Additionally, MyFitnessPal accounts for exercise if you track it, and automatically includes what you’ve burned in your daily caloric allowance for the day.


  • Easy to use
  • Quicker than a paper meal journal
  • Available for Androids and iPhones
  • Very accurate
  • Highly popular (Which in turn means that there are a lot of people not only checking for accuracy, but adding to the recipe and food list. Less work for you!)
  • There is a form to enter your own recipe and calories are calculated for you.
  • You can share your goals with other MyFitnessPal users that you know
  • You can add exercise to your daily allowance
  • IT’S FREE!


  • There can be several entries for theĀ same basic item.


Final Verdict

No one says you can’t have both, (unless you don’t have an iPhone!), but we recommend MyFitnessPal for keeping track of calories. If you’re just looking for an app to impress your friends, MealSnap is a definite must-have.


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