Dawn Tamar & Nicole Lang’s Success Story

Dina Nicole and Dawn

Dawn’s Story

DSC04454I am a mother of 4 boys, 3 of my own and 1 from remarriage. I work full time and have always taken a lot of pride in my ability to balance my work life and a full time, challenging career. I love being a mother and a wife so much, I wish that there were more hours in a day to do it all.

Over the years, I have spent my Spring and Fall months on the baseball, rugby and football fields with my boys, traveling on business and fitting the time in between training for marathons. I would sound like a super woman to most but actually was not super at all – I was missing quite a bit when it came to really taking care of my body and health and felt tired most days. Before joining HAC, I never really watched my diet, I stayed with what I considered the “fastest calorie burn exercise” and thought that finishing those races in record times was all that I needed. In reality, I wasn’t all that impressed with my body or energy levels.

Before joining the HAC I was growing in the sport of running and I am really proud of my achievements there. However, what I really wanted; good health and a great body, wasn’t really happening for me.

It was three years ago that I moved to Delaware and joined the HAC – and this truly is where my fitness level and knowledge changed for the better and for forever! I started taking as many classes as I could fit in, in between work and family and started seeing improvements right away, my weight started coming down and I felt so energized.

I had my third little boy 18 months ago and started training with Dina when he was only a few months old. Over a year later, I am so much more knowledgeable about fitness and health and my waistline is smaller than it has been in 20 YEARS! When I started joining classes and eventually personal training with Dina, I quickly learned that your body will respond if you push yourself a little further each time, believe in your ability to get stronger and EAT well! I am in a size that I have not worn since junior high, I love the muscle tone that I am seeing and I just feel great! I have such a great rapport with my trainer (Dina), that I cannot imagine where I would be with my body and health without her!

Nicole’s Story

DSC04448I am a CPA for DuPont, and I moved to Delaware from New Jersey four years ago for work. I was divorced, in a new place, and was ready to make some changes in my lifestyle. I joined HAC for a year, and used only it 3 times. So I quit.

Two years later, I decided that it was time to try again. I looked at many of the other gyms in the area, but HAC had the nicest facility, so I re-joined and was determined to make this time different.

When I signed up with Taylor, I bought five personal training sessions on the spot. I’d worked with a trainer before when I lived in New Jersey, and felt confident that the support of a trainer was exactly what I needed. Also when I signed up, I immediately looked at the group fitness schedule, saw what class was coming up next, and went to a Kettlebell class taught by Dina Moore. I was sore for the next four days!

My first personal training session also happened to be with Dina. I worked so hard that I almost threw up. I was really impressed and touched to receive a thank you card in the mail from Dina. It was hand written, and not only thanked me for being her client, but in the note Dina told me how proud she was of me. That’s when I knew that Dina was just what I needed to reach my goals. I kept one-on-one training with Dina for a year. Dina always texts and motivates me, and it feels really good when she brags about my milestones to other staff and clients.

Since re-joining HAC, I’ve lost 19 lbs and almost 27 inches. I’m in the best shape of my life. Dina has given me back my confidence that I’d lost when I was overweight. I am back to my old social self. Before I came back to HAC, I would avoid social situations because I was uncomfortable in my own skin.
I’m a year and a half into my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I take Kettlebells, TRX, and FIT with Dina. I’ve made so many friends, and absolutely cannot imagine my life without Dina or HAC.

Both Dawn and Nicole were able to find their perfect workout solutions with the help of HAC personal trainer, Dina Saitis.

Dina Saitis


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