Dance – It’s So Much More Than That

DSC_0185Remember the first time you saw a dancer put her soul on the stage for all to see? You felt it too – the joy, pain, triumph. One of humanity’s must beautiful art forms, it is a cross cultural expression of emotion and tradition. Though most of our children won’t be attending Juilliard, dance has a number of benefits, both for your child’s mental and physical developments and for possible careers down the road.

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dance helps with physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness, and cognitive development.

And as for the future? Here are some careers in Dance suggested by James Madison University:

Performing Artist

A. Professional Modern and Jazz Dance Companies
B. Small Regional Ballet Companies
C. Independent Choreographers/Individual Performers
D. Young Audience/Artist in Education Companies
E. Entertainment Companies


A. University positions
B. Community Colleges
C. Magnet/Performing Arts High Schools
D. Private and Public High Schools
E. Community Recreation Programs
F. Inner-city Programs
G. Studios (As owner or employee)
H. Fitness Centers (Dance and Exercise Trainers)
I. Senior Citizen Centers
J. Professional Company Studios
K. Special Workshop and Arts in Education

Health Industries

A. Dance Therapy
B. Physical Therapy
C. Massage Therapy
D. Dance for Special Populations/Special Needs
E. Specialized Areas

Dance and Arts Administration

A. Company Business Manager
B. Publicist/Fund-raiser
C. Special Project Coordinator
D. Community Theatre or Arts Center Manager
E. Booking Manager for Organizations
F. Arts Festival Director/Arts Funding Advisor for a corporation

Technical Theatre

A. Stage Manager for Dance and Theatre
B. Production Assistant
C. Designer (Lighting, Costume, Scenery, Sound)
D. House Manager
E. Festival Technical Coordinator

Smal Business/Independent Work

A. Own and operate a Dance Studio
B. Professional Performing Artist, Teacher and Choreographer
C. Free Lance Designer
D. Dance Critic/Reviewer
E. Dance Historian/Author
F. Dance Photographer
G. Dance Videographer


How HAC School of Dance is Different

Most Dance schools have similar curriculums, qualifications and offerings – but where HAC School of Dance differs is in the performance aspect. Hockessin Athletic Club features a full dance school with three dedicated studios and over 500 dancers. Instead of focusing on competing, HAC School of Dance focuses on performances. Our dancers don’t just perform for their parents in HAC’s two annual dance recitals; our dance teams have performed in Walt Disney World, on Disney Cruises, and for the 76ers, Harlem Globetrotters, and more. These performances prepare the dancers for auditions as well as real-life application of their dancing abilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how HAC School of Dance can benefit your child, please contact Dance and YES Program Director, Angie Craft, at The HAC Youth Sports and Enrichment (YES) Program includes one weekly class of Martial Arts, Dance, Tumbling, or Spanish AND one weekly youth sport or yoga class in your HAC family membership. For more information regarding the YES Program, please contact Angie Craft or visit the Yes Program page on our website:!yes-program/ce9o


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