Mind Over Matter

written by Damon Marable

Quite often when I look onto the fitness floor, I see people do the exact same thing that they did the previous day…or week. It’s like falling into a habitual rut. And more times than not, be it on the fitness floor or even in a fitness class, the form isn’t as precise as it could be – and that is one of the elements that is actually holding people back. Most people only do what they see, and that is somewhat of a good/bad thing. Why? Because when they are working out, most people are NOT thinking about what they are doing. It’s also the reason why machines are so popular… because you don’t have to think about what you are doing. But then again, most people aren’t taught how to… and that’s the mistake.

SONY DSCTo get the most out of a move, you have to consciously feel what you are doing until it becomes second nature. Once that happens, you will do so without even having to concentrate for it to happen. Your body will instinctively be able to do so. But to get to that point you have to know what to feel for, by being in tune with your body. That, however, is based on the muscles used to execute a move from start to finish. The movement pattern for whatever move that is being performed must be as precise as possible between range of motion, as well as muscular position and involvement. Basically, your form and function of the move must be on point. No jerking or relying on momentum, but to actually feel the muscles being used the way that they are supposed to for proper movement pattern completion. Which will also lead to proper development. And to do such will greatly reduce your chance of injury and greatly increase your chance of development for the physique that you want or the fitness strength/endurance performance that you may require.

Think of it like this if you will: when you are doing a move properly, it starts within the base of your body and it’s limbs. It actually starts with your mind which goes through your central nervous system – you know, the system that tells each and every fiber what to do faster than the blink of an eye. Bones provide support, but muscles move them (which hopefully is being done properly). So you rely on your stabilizers which provide the stability while the strength aspect occurs. This helps proceed through the move pattern with the best control possible. Anyone can power through a move, although it will probably be executed sloppily at best. But to control a move with as much precision as possible is quite a different feel… one that will help keep you in good shape for quite a long time.

Damon Marable


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