Mark Doherty’s Success Story

written by HAC Member, Mark Doherty

The journey to a remarkable improvement in my overall health began by addressing a growing problem of pain and discomfort in my knees following aerobic workouts. At first I wanted to attribute my post workout pain to age. Should I just take a pain reliever and “call it even”? Not quite ready to give in to this option, I consulted with a personal trainer at HAC. Twelve months since that initial consultation, the program of workouts designed for me not only resolved the knee pain, but also resulted in a transformation of body strength, agility, energy and posture.

ND3_8513.jpgDuring the consultation, JoJo and I discussed my perceived knee issue, and she recommended some simple exercises to better understand possible sources of the pain. In the weeks that followed, my training continued with a focus to take strain from the knees by strengthening glutes, hamstrings, calf, and inner and outer hip muscles. While working to strengthen the leg muscles, a second focus was added to strengthen my core, enabling it to control increased upper body stability which also relieved strain on the hips and knees.

As the training for increased strength, stability and agility of the legs and core was progressing, JoJo introduced exercises to correct my upper body posture; exercises which were also incorporated in my entire workout program. A final chapter in my training was the development of exercises to further increase overall body strength, stability, agility and posture. Together JoJo and I worked through every type of resistance and aerobic exercise, changing my approach to lifting with proper alignment and full range of motion versus the weight selected. During our final month of work, JoJo gave me the knowledge, encouragement and confidence to continue training on my own—and that’s exactly what I did. When JoJo saw me six months later, she was impressed and pleased by my physical transformation.

Looking back at my workout history, I recognize how easily I could have covered over my aches and pains with medication and excuses about my age. Instead, with the expert, holistic guidance of a professional trainer and a year of consistent, focused exercise, I have achieved a remarkable physical transformation and improved my general health.

Jo Jo Goldfarb


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