written by Cheryl Richards and Susan Storm

What’s all the talk about HIIT training? (That’s High Intensity Interval Training.)

Les Mills, a company that has been a leader in the fitness industry for 25 years, is on the cutting edge with their new 30 minute small group training format called GRIT. GRIT is designed for fit people who have been working out regularly and want to take their training to the next level. No, this is not your usual choreographed dance style class; it is training in a small group setting. This is GRIT. “It is, well…GRITTIER. Intense! Furious! Athletic! GRIT Series leaves its participants pushing their limits; breathless; picking themselves up off the floor and coming back for more! GRIT does not have an instructor. GRIT has motivating coaches who will push you to your limit. They will take you beyond what you ever thought you could do.

Why is it called GRIT Series? It consists of 3 sections or formats: Cardio, Plyometrics, and Strength. Each section is 30 minutes long and designed to be taken two to three non-consecutive days a week.

In GRIT Cardio, think tuck jumps, sprints and burpees. GRIT Plyometrics is sports performance at it’s finest. You will raise the bar on vertical leaps and explosive capacity. GRIT Strength utilizes powerful, multi-joint movements to keep your heart rate high while working every muscle. You should NOT want more than 30 minutes! Unlike other HIIT programs, GRIT combines rest periods in between intense bouts of exercise. Scientifically, this allows you to push to your max because you cannot have the highs with out the lows. Psychologically, you know you will get a rest period, which allows you to push harder. “This intense period of pushing your limits raises your EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption), meaning your metabolism is revved significantly after training. It is not only the calories you are burning while you are exercising, but more importantly, the ones you are torching post workout” that give you the results. LES MILLS™ conducted a High Intensity Interval Training Intervention Study in cooperation with Pennsylvania State University. The question was “Can the LES MILLS GRIT SERIES improve the health and happiness of already fit adults?” LES MILLS™ conducted a six-week intervention to find out. Two groups of 42 fit adults worked out five hours each week.

Group 1- Had 60 minute cardio three times a week and 60 minute BODYPUMP™ twice a week, but had no LES MILLS GRIT™ SERIES classes.

Group 2- Had 60 minute cardio twice a week, 60 minute BODYPUMP™ twice a week, and had two 30 minute LES MILLS GRIT™ SERIES classes.

For Both Groups – Cardio could be a combination of Les Mills’ BODYATTACK™, BODYCOMBAT™, RPM™ or BODYSTEP™. Les Mills also collected data on blood, oxygen, fat, and strength of both groups. After the study, the results showed the Group that had GRIT™SERIES in their workout (Group 2) had overall improved health.

GRIT stats

Triglycerides*decreased by 14.5% (A type of blood fat that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.)

Oxygen Consumption increased by 6.4%

Body Fat decreased by 2%

Waist Circumference reduced by 2.7cm

Back Strength increased by 21.9%

Leg Strength increased by 15.7%

The study also recorded a change in intensity when participants returned to their regular workouts. The graph to the right shows the heart rate of the same person doing RPM before and after six weeks of including LES MILLS GRIT™ SERIES in their training. Their intensity was higher while their perceived exertion remained the same. The Results are clear – LES MILLS GRIT™ SERIES is scientifically proven to boost your health.

“Maybe you are bored with your current exercise routine. Maybe you have hit a plateau and you need something to break you out of it. Maybe you are an athlete looking for that competitive advantage. Or, maybe, you are just someone who wants a HARD, FAST, INTENSE WORKOUT. Are you GRIT enough?”

Quotes are from Andrea Short, Charleston’s “Oblique” Magazine.



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