May is National Water Safety Month!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 4,000 water deaths annually.

One in five people who have a fatal water incident are children, and for each one of those children, another five receives emergency medical treatment for water injury.

Most frequently, these children are between the ages of 1 to 4 and the accidents occur in home swimming pools.

Aside from genetic disorders, drowning is the leading cause of death for children of this age group. Factors that influence drowning in children ages 1 to 4 include lack of swimming skills, lack of barriers restricting access to bodies of water, lack of supervision, and home swimming pools.

IMG_1678So you may be wondering at this point, can my 1 to 4 year old even learn to swim? The answer is YES.

Infant Swimming Resource teaches children aquatic survival skills through their Self-Rescue™ program (ISR™). What does that mean? Well, children ages 6-12 months are taught to float in water without assistance, and children ages 1-6 are taught to swim until they need air, break to a floating position, then to continue swimming, repeating this sequence until they reach a point of safety.

ISR™ lessons are available internationally, and within 50 miles Hockessin, Delaware, you can find them at Hockessin Athletic Club in Hockessin, DE, Radnor Philadelphia Sports Club in Radnor, PA, Holiday Inn Express in Limerick, PA, Nomandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center, in Blue Bell, PA, Hilton Garden Inn in Fort Washington, PA, a private facility in Ambler, PA, and MainStay Suites in Dover, DE.

For more information regarding ISR™ lessons, please visit or contact our ISR™ team at

Read on as ISR™ mom Kelly Ferris shares her story:

“Erin started working with ISR at the age of 6 months. Her older sister Riley had been excelling in the program for several months and we were excited to get her started as well. She was a special case because she was diagnosed with torticollis at the age of 3 months and had been undergoing physical therapy weekly at AI DuPont prior to starting swimming. While she had been showing improvement, she was still progressing at the normal speed of a torticollis patient. When Erin began swimming at the ISR program at 6 months old, she started to blossom. At home she wasn’t favoring her strong side as much, she had stopped tilting her head to one side which is characteristic of torticollis patients, and most remarkably Erin’s core strength became very noticeable at physical therapy. Torticollis patients often experience spinal curvature or imbalance, but Erin never had to undergo further treatment for these complications. In fact, she was discharged earlier than expected with flying colors, and scored in the 98th percentile for her developmental milestones at 10 months old. While the best perk of the ISR program is definitely knowing that my children are safe around the pool at my house and any other water encounters that may arise on purpose or by accident, what I didn’t expect as another competing perk was the dramatic impact the program had on my daughter’s quality of life. Torticollis threatened her development, but the powerful synergy between a great physical therapist and the committed instructors in the ISR program truly made her a happier kid who was confident to keep up with her 2 year old sister! Her turnaround was so fast and impressive that her physical therapists asked for more information about ISR in the hopes that it might help other kids like her in the future! I’m truly indebted to Miss Lauren and the ISR Program at the HAC for changing our lives both inside and outside of the water!! When we have our next child, we will be enrolling them at 6 months old as well!”

You can learn more about ISR at HAC by going to the ISR page on our webiste!!infant-swimming-resource-isr/c1kst



One thought on “May is National Water Safety Month!

  1. Both of my daughters are on a travel swim team… At 9 and 12 they’re strong enough to save me! Fortunately I’m a fish but it wasn’t always so. My mom told me when I was 12, “We live in the state with the most fresh water on the planet… you’re learning to swim”.

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