Eat For the Purpose of Your Goals

written by Damon Marable

Many times people see food as means of indulgence. Some even see food as a means of an emotional outlet. Some just eat for a sake of…eating! However, when it comes to embracing a change of lifestyle, new habits need to form. Changing habits need to reflect the lifestyle that is sought out and intended, and one of the biggest changes is a change the way that you eat.

For those that are embracing change into the new year to achieve a better sense of well being, or even for those that want to just embrace a better sense of living within the lifestyle that they have worked so hard to create, what you eat plays a huge factor in that progress becoming a reality. Keep this in mind: If you spend even 7 hours collectively in the gym during a week that consists of 168 hours, and factor in sleep of 7 hours a day… that’s still 112 hours that you are surrounded by food. The choices that you must make for the sake of making sure that you are eating for the intended goal are crucial. So the way one looks at food must change a bit. Not so much what you are eating, but why are you eating it.
Eating for the Purpose of your Goals 2
As we embrace and engage the lifestyle of fitness, we have to start looking at our food and drink to ask ourselves: why am I about to eat this? What purpose will this serve my body for what I am trying to achieve? Now please don’t get it twisted, I am not saying that you shouldn’t have your indulgence treat every now and again. In fact, you should! Being fit isn’t a mundane sentence of blandness nor a taste bud death sentence. You should be able to enjoy what you want from time to time, within moderation of course. Plus it’s all about balance, so unless you are competing for something that requires even more strict eating guidelines… having that treat (cheat meal/day as it’s commonly known) is actually a beneficial thing! But when it comes down to the main aspects of eating with control for the goals you have in mind for your body, you need to consider some things when you ask why and what will this serve? And to do that you must understand what it means to look at your food differently.

Look at your foods not only as means to sustain, but for the purpose of the healthy body. You will do that once you think about what each aspect of foods serve. In other words, the macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) that your caloric intake will consist of has to count for the goal intended. Proteins help the body build and repair lean muscle, which is needed when you are talking about wanting a lean body (Yes ladies, this includes you). You need lean muscle to help show off what’s underneath whatever fat layer may exist for a body that’s toned and sculpted. Carbs are the natural energy source of the body, but this is where you have to be a little careful because carbs are available in abundance and mass quantity. So you have to be mindful as to the carb that you are putting into your body and why….and in most cases, how much! Focus on veggies (the greener the better), fruits (natures natural candy), and complex carbs that will take the body longer to process and break down. Essential fats (notice I said essential) definitely have their share of importance in bodily function ranging from regulating cholesterol to anti-inflammatory qualities to proper thyroid activity. The list goes on and on.

But with all of that being said, it’s about important to know what your body needs and be able to adjust to such. Too much of any source is actually a bad thing because your body will hoard it…this basically means it will get stored as fat. Please remember to enjoy life, enjoy fitness, and especially enjoy food. Just keep in mind to eat for your lifestyle…and to never forget quality over quantity.

Damon Marable

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