Success Story – Stephanie Rosenberg

I have a great life – successful career mom of two young children ages 5 and 3, wonderful family, and amazing friends. And at the age of 35 was seemingly in control of all aspects of my life – except me. I was ashamed and tired. Tired of being tired and ashamed of not being the mom I wanted to represent. It was time to stop being selfish and take control.
DSC_1876-Edit.jpg I owed it to my children to be a role model setting positive examples – not ones of self destruction through poor food choices, lack of activity and non-stop work hours. Oh I had the bag of excuses – long work hours, customer lunches, dinner meetings, but shuddered at the thought of leaving this life prematurely missing family milestones because of something I could prevent. I’m stronger than that and far too stubborn. I walked into my first Weight Watchers meeting on January 15, 2012 where I learned to recalibrate my portions and tips for making the right choices. Nothing magical, no tricks – just common sense things everyone already knows and a good support system. I quickly saw how increasing my activity level made a huge difference. While I religiously attended Zumba,I found a Body Combat class that met during my daughter’s dance class.

“The plan was manageable and results were showing both physically and mentally. I felt great!”

I hit a plateau and kicked it up adding in Spinning which provided an amazing cardio workout ( I knew it had to be good given everyone leaving that room was always sweating profusely!) and weight training with Body Pump which really helped with shape definition. Back muscles started forming that I didn’t even know existed!

“Group Fitness at the HAC became key to my success.”

As a social person I enjoy the motivation of others and the variety of classes offered. The jam packed schedule also makes it easy to find something for everyone at almost any time. Whether you are looking for a Zumba dance party or body sculpting, there are beginner classes through advanced and the classes in amongst themselves have options for working at your personal comfort level.

“The group fitness instructors are so positive and motivational and at a caliber well above what I’ve found elsewhere.”


I’m always surprised how trying a new class can make you feel so sore when you thought you were in pretty good shape. That’s such a great feeling! While my fitness journey is still not over, at this time last year I couldn’t even run a mile, now I can proudly say I completed my first triathlon – the Bethany Beach Sprinternational – and it was awesome!



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