Susan Lynch’s Success Story

What a shock, I might actually be a Jock!

The designation has never applied to me. I was born prematurely and have suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth.Although I am blessed with a positive attitude and more than a little perseverance, I was certain a gym was not the place I belonged. I was convinced I couldn’t participate in group training classes either. After all, you must be physically fit to venture there.

I could do classes in the water, but getting to the pool in the winter, well, it was too cold, there were too many chemicals, too cloudy, too wet… Summertime was definitely too hot,
too sunny….you get the idea.

“The older I got, the more weight crept up.”

It was too much for my poor delicate legs to carry around. The more I sat, the worse I felt. My friend Kathy told me about HAC and she suggested I take advantage of free guest days.
I saw how nice it was and how many different ways to exercise they offer.

“Still, it was a gym and I’m not comfortable in the gym.”

At the insistence of Kathy, I joined and headed to the pool for some water classes. The lovely hot tub and the steam room felt great for my tight muscles. I was feeling better about this already!

Then I met Andrea, my personal trainer. She wasn’t at all fazed that I was not a jock. She showed me how to use the equipment and she tailored exercises to my level of ability. I was starting to feel stronger.

Next, I happened to notice some Yellow Stars on the schedule of classes. These stars meant the classes were newbie-friendly and a trainer would offer extra help if needed. Well, that sounded a lot like me! I went to the Barre class with Andrea by my side and she brought in a chair so I could sit for some of the exercises and said to simply work to the best of my ability. I kept on going!DSC_6596.JPG

“I have met the nicest instructors and classmates.”

They make room for my chair and help get my equipment before class. They make sure everything is clean, they’d smile as I attempt the moves and make me feel welcome. They
were even worried when I didn’t arrive. I had the thought that maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

Could I actually try a Spinning Class? There was a Yellow Star on the schedule so off I went! Everyone made me feel very welcome. They even help me on and off the bike. I realized I could do this spinning thing too. The express class is perfect, a half-hour of intense cardio. Yay!

Did I mention that I am one of the Sassy Seven? I got involved with SGPT in the water with Mandy. During the hour class we did all kinds of fun things and I got tons of exercise. I have six new sassy friends who make me smile. I enjoy their company and being on their team. I was never on a team before. This gym thing isn’t so bad after all.

“Along my new journey, I have managed to lose 15 pounds and counting!”

I have lowered my BMI and made lots of new friends. I enjoy everything about HAC. All the people are so friendly and helpful in every way. It’s also nice to have a cup of coffee in the cafe with my friend Kathy who encouraged me to join. I’m thinking that might have been the best idea she could have had for me.

Well, I see another one of those Yellow Stars. This time it’s for the Senior TRX class. It says a half-hour of core and balance work. Surely that’s right up my alley as I have turned into a jock, you know. I’ve got to run…


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