Susanne Gladle’s Success Story

My husband and I were new to Delaware, so we joined the HAC for social and fitness reasons. I was sporting some major overuse injuries and had been sidelined from distance running by my orthopedist. Although I was in denial at the time, I had picked up some extra weight since my training had really tapered off. The HAC matched me up with Dina Saitis which, aside from my wedding and the birth of my kids, was probably one of the BEST things that ever happened to me!

suzanne gladle before2

Susanne Before HAC Personal Training

Dina promptly got me into a really healthy workout regiment, working around my injuries and helping me to happily replace running with weight and interval training. After six months, I was stronger than I have ever been in my life and I was excited to go to the gym and conquer every new challenge Dina could throw at me. The great thing about personal trainers is that once you lose some weight, they just throw a Bulgarian weight bag on your back and tell you to climb some stairs (5 times)! I could tell Dina knew what she was doing because I kept getting more and more toned, and the weight kept dropping. My body adjusted to this new workout regiment, so Dina suggested I join a women’s POWER class which centered on a slower and slightly more difficult circuit to build lean muscle and drop those extra pounds. With Dina’s prompting and much encouragement Suzanne  Gladle afterfrom my HAC buddies (especially Nicole and Erica), I gave up the chips and crackers and watched the last few pounds melt away!

Funny thing, when your butt gets smaller, your trainer can just kick it harder! But it’s all good, because now I can do push-ups, pull-ups, the kettlebell snatch test, 150 burpees (plus an extra 40 on Tripp’s birthday!), and even 5 minutes on the dreaded Jacob’s ladder! Thanks to Dina, (plus Josh, Damon, Kyle, Ron, Gretchen and Amy), I have never been more satisfied with my fitness level! So what happened to all that extra weight I was carrying around? I leave it in the weight rack when I leave the gym. AWESOME!

Dina Saitis.jpg


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