Aquatic Personal Training

aquatone class 005.jpgWhen Janice Smith signed up for a new aquatic small group course back in October of 2010, she could have never imagined that 3 years later she’d be 43 pounds lighter, many dress sizes smaller, and still enjoying the class just as much as the day she started – if not more. Janice is not alone; fellow classmates Joyce Hastings, Joan Best and Mary Beth Tash have also lost a significant amount of weight and built strength in muscles, (as they put it), they didn’t even know they had, and best of all, they have forged friendships that have kept them coming back every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 years. The class is designed to allow participants to push themselves to their maximum, while having fun and keeping it fresh.

Often times, exercises involve rubber duckies, water guns, balls, floating animals or good old fashion round of monkey in the middle. A newer member of the group, Mary Rose Oliet found the fun, competitive nature of the class made her work harder and push herself farther. The group often finds they are having so much fun that they don’t realize how hard they are working until class is over.

“My life improved the moment I joined Mandy’s class, physically, mentally, and most of all, emotionally. Although my stamina, strength and balance have increased remarkably, my sense of well being and fun out of life have made the most strides. Mandy has used games and other interesting activities to entice me to push myself beyond what I thought possible. These games have encouraged team building and a sense of camaraderie among the class that has carried over to sharing lunches and other outside pursuits. She has fostered competition through these games to bring out our inner child, making some of our classes look and sound like a preschool stampede. Although I have on occasion whined about working too hard, I wouldn’t miss a class. I would definitely miss out on too much fun.”
 – Mary Beth T.

Aquatic Personal Training mandy“I recently retired and could not have asked for a better way to spend some of my time. My overall strength has increased to the point where I have not fallen in over a year, I can now walk longer distances and am actually rethinking whether I “need” the recommended knee replacements, after all. Additionally, some of the cognitive deficits, that resulted from a mild brain trauma a few years back, have improved markedly.

This is not the kind of class where there’s an “in” crowd. As a newcomer, I was welcomed, encouraged to improve, but never made to feel as if I didn’t belong. The gals are empathetic, caring and sincere and most of all fun to be with.

If this class was a blue ribbon pie, the secret ingredient would be, Mandy, the Personal Trainer. She makes it fun, challenging, fun, exciting, and did I mention fun? An hour goes by so quickly, you don’t even realize you’ve had an incredible workout.

I enjoy the class so much that only a flat tire would keep me from showing up, albeit sometimes late!!!!!”
– Mary Rose

“When I began the aqua small group exercise class in October 2011, I had no idea that 2 years later I would still be going 2 times a week.

The class has been so much fun, you don’t know you are exercising. Mandy, our teacher, is very creative about thinking up new ways to keep us motivated and moving.
I was recuperating from hip replacement and this class helped me tremendously with regaining my balance and flexibility. I have never learned to swim–so I bought a
wet vest so I would feel comfortable in the deep end of the pool. In addition to the physical benefits the social benefits have been a big plus in my life.

There are still 5 of the original members of the class, we refer to ourselves as the “Fab Five.” After we finish exercising we head to the cafe for lunch. The camaraderie of the group is great in the pool or out. As a senior citizen I can’t think of anything I would rather do with my time.”
– Joyce H.

Mandy Bushey


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