Fitness at Every Age

written by Denise Boyle

Check out some of the members in our senior population who have successfully lost weight, gained lean muscle and have decreased their medications! Introducing two members who are working with Master Trainer, Denise Boyle.

Fitness at Every Age - Leonard StapenMeet Leonard Stapen, age 72, who used to weigh 213 lbs. He started his fitness program in March 2013 and now weighs 180 lbs. He stated that “all meds dropped at least 50%.” When he had his blood work done 10 days ago, it was the best in 25 years!

Many seniors are now realizing that joining HAC is for all ages and is not just for the young and fit people. Not only does this older population benefit from meeting new friends, taking a walk around the grounds or meeting their friends for a cup of coffee or a smoothie, they are working with a Personal Trainer and optimizing their fitness potential.

Meet Florence Hendel, age 68, who was pleased when her Dr. told her that her diabetic
medication has decreased. She Fitness at Every Age - Florence Hendelattributes that to exercise, eating right and working with her Personal Trainer, Denise Boyle. Helping older clients regain key functional abilities is also another reason to hire a Personal Trainer. “Many older clients tell me that they have a fear of falling, or they want to be able to play with their grandchildren”, states Denise Boyle. Some simply just want to be able to be pain free and know that movement in a safe manner is paramount.

For example, my older clients enjoy working on the TRX and other functional equipment we have here in our Personal Training studio. They feel a sense of accomplishment with their new abilities. These are movements that they can transfer to everyday life. Some crucial components for a well balanced training program for older adults include:

Joint Mobility, Sensory Enhancement, Muscle Strengthening, & Gait Enhancement

All of these are utilized when working with a personal trainer. “I help my older clients by having them work on balance and stabilization, then we move on to strength. Then we combine all elements together”, states Denise. Denise also works with post surgery and rehabilitation clients along with members who have Parkinson. I tell ALL my clients that walking through the front doors here at HAC is a feat in and of itself. Give yourself credit for that alone. Once here, I am waiting for you and together we will work on a fitness program to help them meet their fitness goals. Denise Boyle is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and with National Academy of Sports Medicine. In 2009, Denise became a Master Trainer here at HAC. She enjoys seeing her clients succeed in achieving their fitness goals. Denise also works with all populations in designing an effective program that encompasses proper nutrition, cardio, flexibility, core, balance, corrective exercises and strength.

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