MYZONE improves quality of life by providing an accurate monitoring system to encourage effort during physical activity. Get in your zone by monitoring you heart rate and  challenging your friends based on effort, not fitness. Read on and discover the benefits through one woman’s life-changing MYZONE experience.

MYZONE saved my heart. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. My name is Renee Baffone and here is my MYZONE story.

I purchased the MYZONE belt and watch this past September. I just had my fourth child in April and I was trying to get those last ten pounds off that I shouldn’t have put on while I was pregnant. I wanted to push myself harder at the gym and MYZONE really helped me do that. I lost 6 lbs the first two weeks I had the belt on.

During my workouts, I was able to look at my watch and really see how hard I was working. I was really surprised when I took my usual spinning class and I was no where near the red zone. MYZONE was an eye opener to me that I could work so much harder than I had been. I also enjoyed the challenge among my peers with MYZONE. This was great motivation for me not miss a workout or even workout longer to get more MEPs.DSC_4705

So after doing a couple of spinning classes the instructor Bridget kept pointing out to me that my heart rate was over 200 and going up as high as 215, and something was not right. I kept explaining to her I felt perfectly fine and that I don’t know why my heart rate was reading so high. We just thought something was wrong with my belt. That is when Maria Argiroudis got involved and switched my belt out a couple times. After about two weeks of using different MYZONE belts and trouble shooting, my heart rate was still going over 200 when I would run and do high intensity cardio. I was recovering so quickly and able to talk with my heart rate so high, so I have to say I probably would have left it at that if it were not for Bridget, Maria, and Kevin Braley telling me over and over again that something was not right. That there is no reason for my heart rate to be so high when I am working out.

I took their advice and went to my family doctor and told him what was going on. He agreed that the max my heart should be at for my age is 186, and when I reach that, I should feel sick. So for me to be able to get my heart up to 215 was not good. He sent me to a cardiologist to see what was going on.

After having blood work, EKG, ECHO, and stress test done, I found out I have Wolfe, Parkinson, White syndrome. I have an extra electrical pathway on my heart that is causing my heart rate to go over 200 when I workout. The cardiologist sent me to an electrophysiologist which is a doctor that specializes in what I have.

I just finished wearing a heart monitor for two weeks, and will be meeting with the doctor to go over my results. I will either have to get surgery or go on medicine. My husband and I had all four of our children tested, and they are thankfully all fine. I am so thankful for the trainers at HAC for pointing out how high my heart rate was going when I was using MYZONE and making such a big deal about it. Thankfully this was all discovered before anything major happened to my heart. I would never have known I had a heart condition if I hadn’t invested in the MYZONE product at Hockessin Athletic Club.

Sustained self-motivation is the key determinant to achieving nearly anything in life, and exercise results are no different. Motivation, studies show, is driven by feedback. Feedback that delivers instant recognition, feedback that provides a sense of achievement, and feedback that provides a sense of progress over time. Imagine going through school with no report card, or martial arts with no belt grading system, or a football game with no scoreboards. How do you measure success without a metric? You can’t.


The MYZONE Watch is a coded, waterproof watch that includes a heart rate monitor, MEP’s, stop watch, countdown timer, and Interval trainer.

So, how is MYZONE different than say, a Polar belt or other calorie monitoring system? Well, MYZONE doesn’t just measure calories. It measures effort. Meaning that it measures how hard you’re working when you’re working out. To get the most out of a workout, your heart rate should fall into a targeted range between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate.There are a few ways to measure targeted heart rate, but the easiest and most basic is to subtract your age from 220. While not one hundred percent accurate, it gives you an idea of what your max heart rate is, and your targeted workout range should be 80-90% of that number.

Studies show that the longer you work in that heart rate zone, the more effective your heart rate is. Now, MYZONE doesn’t subtract your age from 220 to get your heart rate, it
actually calculates your actual max heart rate by taking your heart rate during exercise. The more you use your MYZONE, the more accurate your zoning charts become, and ultimately, the more effective your workouts become.

MYZONE also provides a system that allows you to compete with yourself or with others that have MYZONE within Hockessin Athletic Club. In addition to measuring how many calories you’ve burned, MYZONE also provides you with MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). What this means is that MYZONE takes how long you spend in each of your five heart rate zones, and converts that to a point score. What’s cool about this, is that it levels the playing field for people competing against others, and changes the way users think about competing with themselves.

When comparing one workout session to another in calories, you’re measuring just how many calories you were able to burn. When comparing based on MEPs, you’re not only looking to see how many MEPs you earned as a guideline, but also comparing how long you were able to work out in your targeted zones. That’s a measurement of how effective your workout was and how good you are at working out in a set amount of time.

Within your MYZONE account, you can set challenges for yourself, as well as invite others to compete against you or with you, or you can join a club wide challenge. You could try a personal exercise goal for the year, or even invite your friends to hit a team MEPs goal each month that is rewarded with happy hour when the goal is met. So, is MYZONE for you? Well, that’s something only you can decide. In fitness facilities around the country, MYZONE has proven to not only increase the effectiveness of users’ workouts, but also the frequency, leading to many healthier hearts and bodies.


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  1. We were just recently discussing the utility of these in the Emergency Department too: Joshua Rudner et al, “Interrogation of patient smartphone activity tracker to assist arrhythmia management,” Annals of Emergency Medicine, April 2016

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