Shawn and Theresa Kauffman’s Success Story

We would like to share our experience as first year members of the Triathlon team at HAC and how our family has enjoyed being members of the team!

Shawn & I both have different backgrounds in sports, but maintaining good health and fitness as we age is our primary goal. My name is Theresa, and I have been a competitive runner for over 30 years beginning with my Cross Country days at the University of Maryland. I have run 12 Boston Marathons, qualified for 17, been a former State of DE 35-39 age group record holder in the Marathon and 20k, am currently a member of the local New Balance Racing Team for my 5th year, and have won or placed near the top of many road races from the 5k to the Marathon. Running has been a way of life for me for a long time.

Success Story - Shawn and Theresa 2Like many women, my schedule now revolves around an active 10 year old son, a committed relationship with Shawn, as well as a busy accounting job. It has been difficult over the years to train with a group or plan scheduled work-outs, and so after all the years of running, I found my motivation lacking. I was seeking some new challenges for my physical fitness and found it in the HAC TRI Club. After attending an informational session of the newly formed TRI CLUB, I was excited to become a member. I was a Tri member with some experience, as I had competed in numerous triathlons out of college. The appeal to me was the structured format of the coaching sessions in the pool and on the bike. The coaches had specific workouts, planned to increase each individual’s skill level, and it didn’t matter whether it was your first triathlon or if your goal was a Half-Ironman. I liked the fact that you could train with other team members and most of all, compete as a team.

It felt good to represent HAC, have a cheering squad, and frankly, to motivate each other to finish. Plus, the coaches were wonderful with a desire to really teach and develop your talent. They cared about each and every race performance. I did manage to compete in 4 triathlons and 2 duathlons – with Age-Group awards in many – and score team points for HAC. I qualified for the Nationals in both events which I hope to compete with other team members from HAC in 2014.

Shawn’s background comes from being an experienced cyclist who also has had a few seasons of triathlon experience. He found that his weakest event was the swim portion, as it is for most non-swimmers who want to compete in triathlons. A Triathlon is an individual sport, but joining TRI CLUB provided the team support he needed.



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