Jeff Kennard’s Success Story


I started “Body for Life” the first week in November, 2013, because I had stopped going to the gym and had began to eat less than healthy meals. I picked this program because you could eat regular foods/meals (six times per day) and you were not requirJeff Kennard.jpged to “track” your food intake. It also added a weekly exercise program to help with your weight loss.

I opted for picking up a personal trainer (Britta Hausman) because she was in charge of the program and I had little knowledge of which muscles to work, what order, how often, or why.

“She provided the knowledge and encouragement for me to lose over 20 pounds through the 12 week course.”

I learned how to eat healthier, how to exercise, and how to continue when you have a bad food/exercise day. I owe most of the credit for my success to Britta for keeping me on track, encouraging me when I slipped, and praising me when I did well. I have incorporated exercise into my daily routine and have changed my food plan to include many of the recipes from the Body for Life plan.


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