Kim Crossan’s Success Story

Almost four years ago my family joined HAC. As a birthday gift, I gave my husband Bryan personal training sessions. It was something he had always been interested in trying. The trainer he was assigned to was Damon. Bryan enjoyed his sessions and thought that I would too. I had never really spent much time in a gym and when I did, only used the machines for cardio. Before I knew it, I was signed up and ready to start training with Damon. I was very nervous and anxious.

Right from the start Damon was friendly, encouraging, and positive. After only one session, I was hooked and ready for more. I never felt intimidated and Damon presented me with challenges that I could work towards conquering.DSC_9230.JPG

“I became stronger and more health conscious. My eating habits changed and my energy increased.”

After about a month and a half, I found out I was pregnant and had to stop training due to medical reasons. I never lost Damon’s support though. I could still do light cardio and he was always checking on me to see how I was feeling. He found articles and information on
exercise during pregnancy and even went as far as buying me a DVD I could use at home. Once our daughter was born, it took me almost a year to get back into the gym regularly. I couldn’t wait to work with Damon again and it didn’t take long to see results. Damon wasted no time and had me weight training and swinging kettlebells!

“I’ve lost the baby weight and gained muscle back.”

Damon is creative in his exercises and is always coming up with a new twist. I never know what will come next, but it will always be effective and target the areas I would like to tone up and improve. No workout would be complete, though, without squats, deadlifts, or anything that will improve my lower body! Even when I think that a weight is too heavy or I have nothing left to give, Damon is there to cheer me on. He never lets me fail and pushes me to do things I never thought I could.

Damon’s positive energy, caring personality, and drive inspire me to be a better person every day and to make sure I hit the gym!

Take a look at our interview with Kim

  1. Were you fit/healthy before joining HAC?
    No. I did not exercise or workout prior to joining HAC. The most I ever did was Curves with a friend and I did not see results. I was not very overweight, but definitely wasn’t in shape and didn’t have any muscle. When I first started, I wasn’t eating very healthy either, and Damon helped me change that. I was basically looking to lose some weight and do a little toning. Working with Damon opened my eyes to actually being able to build muscle without being “bulky”.
  2. What were your goals when you first started training with Damon?
    My goals when I first started training with Damon were to lose 10-15 pounds and tone up. I wanted a healthier life style and to have more energy. My children were 5 and 8 so they were very busy and I wanted to keep up. I was concerned with becoming “bulky” if I lifted weights too much but Damon soon changed that view! Once I started seeing the results of weight training, I was hooked. I also wanted to become more familiar with the equipment and learn how to use the gym to my advantage. I had never been shown how to do any of that and was intimidated to try to do it on my own. Damon showed me which pieces of equipment to use and how to use it properly. I definitely gained confidence in going to the gym. I would never have picked up a kettlebell on my own!
  3. How much weight did you gain during pregnancy?
    I gained 50-55 pounds while I was pregnant.
  4. After you began training with Damon postpartum, how long was it until you saw significant changes?
    DSC_9244.JPGWithin the first month I began losing the weight that I hadn’t gotten off on my own and I began seeing muscle be rebuilt within 2 months. It felt good to start seeing results again and to be back in the gym. I had someone to hold me accountable and that helped keep me on track. Damon was able to target the areas I needed to focus on and encourage me to keep at it.
  5. Could you lose the baby weight on your own before coming back to the gym, or was there a final straw somewhere nearing the end of your year of irregular gym usage?
    I could not lose the last 10-12 pounds I had put on while pregnant. I had been eating healthy again and was just lacking the motivation to go back to the gym on my own. I had a 9 year old, 6 year old, and an infant to keep me busy and provide me with an excuse not to get to HAC. Once I started back with Damon that changed. I was looking forward to the gym again and my time training became “MY” time. It was when I could be with other adults doing something I truly enjoyed. I still look at my gym time this way. It’s the one thing I do for myself on a regular basis.
  6. What are your results? Are you in better shape now than before getting pregnant?
    I’m definitely in better shape now than before getting pregnant. I am stronger and have more energy and stamina. I have kept the weight off and been able to maintain my current weight since my pregnancy. My gym time is very important to me and I feel much better and happier when I have worked out. I spend most of my days working and running my 3 children around to dance and ice hockey. To be able to get to the gym 3 times a week for myself is something I truly value. I get to do something
    I love and be with people whose company I enjoy!

Damon Marable


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