Do You Know How To Squat?

Put those quads, glutes and back muscles to work with this power move! Get stronger at the gym or right at home by incorporating this exercise into your workout routine!

Learn how a stationary item – i.e. a doorknob – can be used for a squatting exercise. This exercise can be performed with an open door and two doorknobs or a locked door like the one demonstrated by in the pictures below. Make sure your doorknob is securely fastened before commencing this exercise.


Door Knob Squats

  1. Find a door that will stay shut while doing the exercise.
  2. Start in the standing position. Stand facing the open edge of a door (with two knobs) with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab each side of the door knobs with each respective hand.
  3. Squat down while leaning back slightly. Make sure you get your weight way back and into your heels. While keeping your spine straight.
    Tip – The closer you can stand to the edge of the door, the more vertical you will be forced to keep your spine straight.
  4. Then pull yourself up using your arms to focus on strengthening your back muscles, primarily while still working your quads and your glutes.

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