Success Story – Judy Katz

written by Karen Davies

Each of us join HAC for individual reasons but certainly one of those is to enhance our mind, body and spirit. Little did I realize that not only would each of these three elements improve, but some of those results were due to the inspiration of a petite, salt and pepper 75 year old senior we know and love as Judy Katz.

Judy may have legs on the slimmer side of life but she packs a punch while simultaneously inspiring a bunch. A trifecta, if you will, of dedication, determination and encouragement, are easily dispensed and shared like a Kohl’s coupon of 30% off on Bonus Buy days.

Judy doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, and has managed to dance her way not only out of Zumba classes smiling but into our hearts. She has personally encouraged and introduced me to new classes I often overlooked. The authentic nature of her spirit ignited me out of warm duvet covers on cold winter mornings and into Advanced Conditioning class. She raised that 12 lb kettle bell with fierce intention, which in turn, raised my spirit and my heart rate faster than a front row concert seat with Tim McGraw.

1391923_666759523347964_1499449897_nIf Judy could do it, I could do it, and I did. She knits scarves to donate a portion to HAC charities and puts the “fun” in fundraiser Zumbathons. She shows up, everyday in every way to simply just be the best that she can be. Little does she know that just by being true to herself, many others have been inspired to do the same. Getting to know and work out with Judy Katz will leave you strengthened, elevated and smiling.

“Now that’s what I call an “enhanced” HAC membership experience.”

written by Judy Katz

My relationship with HAC started with Jean Musumeci when she signed me up. She was upbeat, sweet and so very helpful.As I started coming every day (at least 5 times a week, as I still do), I took advantage of everything that was offered, starting with the two personal training sessions and the opportunity to try each of the small group classes.

I tell everyone I meet who has recently joined to do this and am so surprised at the number of those who don’t. It gives one a great start! I also tried the fitness classes as I continued to work out with the free weights and elliptical.

One day, after Hurricane Sandy, I saw a young woman loading up her SUV and asked if I could help. She told me she was going to Toms River, NJ with donations from members. I mentioned to her that I had moved to Delaware from that area and had a business in Toms River. Our friendship started and I also started taking Jenn’s (the gal with the SUV) Zumba classes. I haven’t stopped dancing yet!

Because of those Zumba classes, the twice weekly Advance Conditioning class, working out with weights and “mixing it up” with other classes, I not only lost weight, but also have dropped 2 dress/pant sizes since joining HAC!Success Story - Judy Katz 2.jpg

I cannot say enough about the friendships that have come with my HAC experience. I renewed some old friendships, as I was a member of Pike Creek Fitness Club for six years, and have made too many new friends to count! When returning from a recent vacation, I told my daughter that I had to “get back to my job!”

When anyone compliments me on my fitness, and wants to know what I do, I tell them to meet me in the weight area after class and I’ll show them some exercises. I’ve been able to continue my habit of 45 years of reading food labels, eating well and I love the exercise component of my wellness program the most. This has become my way of life, not just an exercise.

HAC is the best place to come for fitness and friendships. I love to come every day. If I’m tired, I perk up! If I feel full of energy when I come, I leave with more!


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