Benefits of Cross Training

written by Susan Storm

Many of you are familiar with Albert Einstein’s quote:

“Continue to do the same and expect a different result; that’s the definition of insanity.”     – Albert Einstein.

Well, for many of us at the gym who get comfortable with our routines the above mentioned quote may be applicable. Have you ever wondered why you are not continuing to lose weight or inches? Have you asked yourself why you can jump on a bike and ride for two hours but get winded running around the block? If so, read on… What happens after months of performing the same movements is that your bFitness, Motivation, Healthy, Lifestyle, Fit, Exerciseody becomes efficient at performing those moves. This is great for competition, but actually limits the amount of overall fitness you achieve and decreases the training effect. “Rather than continuing to improve, you simply maintain your fitness level.”

You may be in great shape for the exercise or sport that you do routinely, but if that’s all you do day after day you may be setting yourself up for an injury or just plain old burn out. What can you do to avoid this?… Cross train.

Cross training

This is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop new skill sets and reduce boredom. More importantly, cross training allows you the ability to vary the stress placed on specific muscles or even your cardiovascular system.

Important benefits of cross training:

  • Achieve a higher overall level of conditioning
  • Condition the entire body and not just specific muscle groups
  • Reduce the risk of injury

How do you achieve the cross training effect?

Mix up your workout! If you are a Group Fitness fanatic and love your classes, try varying your cardio between these options: Cycle, Step, Kickboxing, Combat, Sweat, Zumba™ or a Water Aerobics class just to name a few.

For resistance training, try BodyPump, CXWORX or Kettlebells.

Or, to maximize your time try a boot camp style class like CRT or Intense Interval Training to get strength and cardio all in the same workout.

Don’t forget the mind body component and try either a Yoga, Pilates or Core Fusion class for a totally different type of exercise.

Mix in a Small Group Personal Training class, a GRIT class, or a session with a trainer to round out your work outs.

The bottom line is to have fun while you bike, run, jump and lift your way to the next level. See you at the top!


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