David Macey’s Success Story

My fitness journey started off about 100 pounds ago. At that point in time I didn’t know anything about having a healthy diet or exercising. As a kid, I grew up playing sports such as basketball and baseball. Although, I absolutely hated anything that required me to break a sweat.

“Along with my lack of enthusiasm for cardio, I also had poor eating habits.”

I lived off of chicken fingers, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and more chicken fingers. Keeping true to the saying “You are what you eat,” my dad was convinced that I would wake up one day as a chicken finger.

dave-m-3-of-3However, when I was a junior in high school at Wilmington Christian, I woke up one day
with the sudden urge to change my life. I felt a really strong desire to lose weight completely and change my lifestyle. I started by changing my eating habits and getting myself into a regular exercise routine. My big transformation began with a two mile run every morning. Whether it was before school on the weekdays, or a fun activity on the weekends, I would wake up and run every morning. Whatever I had planned, I was not able to do it until I got my daily run in. I began my running program at a small gym in Pike Creek before the Hockessin Athletic Club was built back in 2007. I then became a member of HAC soon after they opened up and continued my exercise regime where I really made big strides in my weight loss program. It was such an exciting fitness club to be a part of, and it made me look forward to coming in every day. Instead of going to the gym because I thought I needed to, I began going because I wanted to. It also helped that I was starting to see the results that I had been working so hard to get. In addition to exercising, my diet changed dramatically. I made chicken, brown rice, and mixed vegetables a regular meal. People kept telling me I would get sick of eating that after a while but surprisingly that never happened for me. Seven years later I’m still enjoying it as one of my weekly meals.

In 2007, I started at a husky 245 pounds and by the beginning of 2009 I was all the way down to a very light 150 pounds. I had lost over 100 pounds in the process, but it turned into an obsession and I had actually become too skinny.

dave-m-2-of-3“This was where the Hockessin Athletic Club really helped me get control of my dieting and weight loss obsession.”

I began getting involved in resistance training and weight lifting so that I would no longer look like a skeleton. Thanks to HAC and the free consultation with a Personal Trainer and the free workout with a personal trainer that they offer to all of their members, I linked up with Personal Trainer Josh Sell. Unfortunately, Josh moved away and is no longer training, but I still carry on with me the proper way to lift. He helped me start a resistance training program which helped me get back to a healthy 190 pounds. Not only did I feel better, but I looked better. My body and muscles were in great shape, and it was all thanks to the important health and fitness knowledge he gave me. Josh continued to have a big influence in training me even as I my body grew more defined. He would even take skin fold measurements and check my body fat percentage whenever I wanted. Josh went above and beyond to help me, and for that I am forever grateful. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and effort are what is to be expected of HAC employees and its why HAC is truly an unbelievable place. I now work for HAC – you may recognize me from the upstairs Mind/Body Desk.

“All of HAC’s trainers have intentions of making a difference in people’s lives as well as giving 110% in everything that they do at the club.”

I recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Health and Behavioral Science. I am excited to start a career and see what God’s plan is for me. Because of my experience as both a member and staff member of Hockessin Athletic Club, I have chosen a career path in helping people in the same capacity I was helped. I feel confident that I can lead others towards the road of success and feel that I will be able make a difference in people’s lives.


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