Will You Be Eating 4500 Calories?

According to the Calorie Control Counsel, the average American will consume 4500 calories at their Thanksgiving Dinner! Could you really be in for a meal that large? There’s no way, right?

Skeptics say it is an unbelievable amount of calories. A New York Times reporter used the following sample menu and came up with 2,486 calories:dinner-1060352_1280

  • 6 oz. of turkey, with skin: 299 calories
  • sausage stuffing: 310 calories
  • dinner roll and butter: 310 calories
  • sweet-potato casserole: 300 calories
  • mashed potatoes and gravy: 140 calories
  • green-bean casserole: 110 calories
  • cranberry sauce: 15 calories
  • brussels sprouts: 83 calories
  • pumpkin pie: 316 calories
  • pecan pie: 503 calories
  • whipped cream: 100 calories

But, what about mom’s famous spinach dip with pita bread? Or the cheese and pepperoni tray? How about a couple glasses of wine?

There’s approximately 250 calories in two five-ounce glasses of red wine. Four pita bread triangles with spinach dip will cost you 310 calories, and 4 cubes of cheese and 4 slices of pepperoni on water crackers are about 353 calories.

Now we’re up to 3,399 – still pretty far away from that whopping 4,500, but a huge amount over the recommended daily intake.

Holiday Action Plan: What to do?

  • If you can, try to control your portions
  • Opt for lower calorie hors d’oeuvres like fruit instead of high calorie creamy style hors d’oeuvres.
  • Be sure to have a glass of water between each glass of wine.
  • Can’t decide between the four flavors of pie? Take just a tiny sliver of each.
  • Don’t sit next to the appetizers, they’ll be tempting to eat if you do.
  • Hosting or supplying an item? Try to find a healthy version of traditional items, or
    try something new!

For more Thanksgiving cooking tips, read “Factor in Your Fixins'”, an article from the November 2016 issue of Enhance Magazine: http://www.hacmagazine.com/


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